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Data Privacy Statement


This data privacy statement shall inform the users of this webseite about how data is collected, how much data is collected and for what purposes data is collected by the site operator:

Dietmar König
Hieberstr. 14
D-87435 Kempten

The site operator takes data privacy very seriously and treats all data collected confidentially and according to legal requirements. As technological progress and the ongoing development of this web site mean that changes to this data privacy statement may occur at any time, we advice you to re-read this data privacy statement at regular intervals.
For definitions of the terms used with this data privacy statement (e.g. personal data or processing) please confer to article 4 GDPR.

Access Data

We, the site operators / providers of this web pages, collect data out of eligible interest (see art. 6 par. 1 lit. f. GDPR) about access to this web site and save that data in the form of "server-logfiles" on the server providing the web site.

The following data will be collected:

The server-logfiles will be stored for at most 3 month and will be deleted afterwards. The data is stored for safety reasons, so that e.g. misuse can be prosecuted. Has data to be kept as evidence, that data is exempted from the deletion until the case is fully resolved.

Tracking & Cookies

This website does

Aquisition and Processing of Personal Data

You can visit this website without having to give any information regarding you as an individual person.
However, for the purpose of improving this online product, we do save your access data (see above), albeit without any connection to you as a person.
The access data encompasses e.g. the page or file requested by you or the name of your internet service provider.

The providers of this website will pass on absolutely none of the gathered access data to third-party providers for processing.

Rights of the User

You as the user have the right, on application, to get free-of-charge disclosure which personal data about you has been stored. You also have the right to get wrong data corrected; the deletion of your personal data and to set restrictions as to how that data may be processed. If applicable, you can also assert your right for data portability. Should you assaume that your data has been processed not in accordance with applicable laws, you can regsiter a complaint with the data protection agency in charge.

Deletion of Data

As far as your request doesn't conflict with legal requirements to store data (e.g. data retention), you do have the right to get your data deleted. Data stored by us will be, should it no longer be needed to satisfy the reason why it had been collected in the first place, and legal time limits to keep the data have been met, deleted automatically. Should a deletion of data not be possible, because the data is needed for legitimate legal purposes, a restriction of the way the data is processed will be applied. In this casse the data will be locked and will not be processed for any other reasons.

Right of Objection

Users of this website can invoke their right of objection and object to the processing of their personal data at any time.

Should you want a correction, blocking, deletion or information about the personal data stored about you; or if you have questions regarding the collection or processing of your personal data; or if you want to revoke granted permissions; please contact the site operators using the following email address: mail@faoileag.de